Our Vision

Speak Survive and Thrive was created as a place to empower survivors of childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, incest, and rape with the healing power of acceptance. A place where survivors can speak their truth and be believed without having to prove what happened to them. A place for survivors to come and be empowered by other survivors.

Our Mission

Speak Survive Thrive seeks to prevent, respond, and empower victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Our Values

To be the voice of all victims, to help them fight for their rights, live freely without fear of retaliation or alienation.

· We honor survivors’ choices and empower them to use their strengths.

· We encourage survivors to speak their truth and write about their experiences as a child and their pursuit of wellness as an adult.

· We Foster an open communicative environment.

· We embrace diversity and deliver culturally responsive, trauma-informed services with compassion.

· Educate and challenge ourselves, and the community we serve, to promote a culture of respect and awareness.