My name is Tiffany and I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and the creator of Speak Survive Thrive. This space was created as a safe place to empower survivors of childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse, incest and rape, with the healing power of acceptance. Within the safety of this space, I encourage survivors to come and write about their experiences as a child, and their pursuit of wellness as an adult. I have worked privately to heal my own scars, but for every moment I’ve spent on my healing, there have been just as many moments where the ghosts of my past have affected my relationships, friendships, and my self-esteem. When I summoned the strength to be fearlessly honest, I experienced the exhilaration of being truly FREE. I want the same for you.

This is a safe space for survivors of childhood abuse to come together, support each other, grow together and start or continue their journey of healing. I understand that although the abuse may be over the battle within is far from over. Whether its flashbacks, vivid relived dreams, fear of the dark, drugs or alcohol, or just being ashamed for not speaking out, we experience the pain as profoundly as it happened in our youth. So often survivors don’t tell anyone, and even if we scream the truth from a mountain, it falls on deaf ears. We are not believed… or the statute of limitations has expired… or we are asked to forgive our abuser without ever getting justice or even an apology. We live with the pain, guilt, shame and betrayal while the predator is protected.

There are a million more little girls like me who live with the shame and betrayal of those closest to them. Personally, I feel when you voice your truth and are ignored, the abuse is overlooked or minimized, it’s like being victimized all over again. I’m learning through my healing process that sometimes you’ve got to just pull back the VEIL of SHAME and BE FREE.

TODAY, I AM FREE, I could care less what anyone thinks of me. I can stand with pride, my head held high, walking in love, and dignity. I’m am not defined by the scars that are within me. I am not a victim of my abuse; INSTEAD, I am a VICTOR despite of it.

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