One of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse victim’s told him in her victim impact statement that “ Little Girls Don’t Stay Little Forever”, one thing I have learned about the changing culture of women  is they are finding the courage to stand up to their sexual abuser. They are sharing their abuse stories with others and we are empowering victims all over the world to do the same. I am one of many, and not everybody will have the courage to get behind the momentum of this #metoo movement. Because real life is not “AS SEEN ON TV” families don’t seem to care that uncle, brother, pastor, daddy, whomever sexually assaulted you? Strangely, families tend to support the abuser and ostracize the victim, so our everyday victim stories do not play out like the ones you see on CNN, and FOX. Most times victims are further victimized, shamed and often times end up killing themselves as they aren’t able to cope with the demons of the past and the pressure of the present. So before deciding to confront an abuser you’ll need to prepare yourself by doing the following: surrounding yourself with a strong support system, finding a good therapist, setting realistic expectations and goals for yourself, and lastly be prepared for the backlash of confronting the public persona of who people they know and not the abuser you actually know.

As a prior childhood sexual abuse victim, I am here to stand with everyday women and tell you it’s ok if you have to stand alone in your “Birth family,” you have a sisterhood here at SPEAKSURVIVETHRIVE, and we will stand with you. While it may look like your abuser is being protected by your family, I would encourage you to continue to speak your truth, they’ll make it appear as if nobody wants to hear your personal shame. Or say it happened so long ago why does she/he want to address it now? I don’t care how many years ago it was, it happened and I live with these scars and this pain every day of my life, if nobody else will stand with you, we will. Most states have no statute of limitations on childhood sexual abuse, turn your abuser into the authorities.  I am going to repeat what Kyle Stephens said again “Little Girls Don’t Stay Little Forever” fight for yourself as an adult. It’s never too late to get justice for yourself that will send a clear message to these monsters that WE ARE NOT VICTIMS, WE ARE NOT AFRAID, AND WE WILL FIGHT BACK and SPEAK UP!